Hey, I'm Daniel Lona.

I write words that inspire folks to buy from you.

Simply stated? 

I'm a fitness copywriter & online biz strategist.

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I Help Your Business Get A Flood of Leads & Sales With Magnetic Copy That Connects

What separates me from the other copywriters you could hire?

First, I have a "to-die-for" understanding of your prospects and industry.

Is that braggy?

A bit.

But it means the copy I write is more authentic and persuasive. 

Which means you get more sales. More leads. Better messaging. 

Plus, I can back it up for two reasons…

  • I’ve gained a heap of insights into the weight loss/fitness audience after eight years as a fit biz owner myself.
  • My copywriting career has focused exclusively on helping fitness & wellness businesses. With every project, I’m fine-tuning how to speak to the desires and concerns of your people. (Few copywriters have that kind of industry-specific training.)

Oh, And Let's Not Forget...

I have a charming – some say odd – daily obsession with sharpening my copywriting skills...

My goal is to be amongst the best in the biz…


'Cuz your marketing, sales pages, and messaging should be wildly successful.

That ain’t hype.

As a former fitness biz owner myself...

I recognize that your services are desperately needed to improve people’s health and happiness… 

And I want to ensure you CRUSH your sales and marketing so you can reach those folks.

Here are some badges I've earned along the way to make that happen:

My Writer's "Bling"

AWAI Email Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketer Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist
AWAI Verified - American Writers & Artists, Inc.
Professional Writer's Alliance

Still, Credentials Are Not Enough. You Need a Copywriter That Understands...

Daniel Lona

1. The copy I write MUST be in your voice.

It's got to sound like you.

The tone, style, and values of your business need to be reflected in the writing.

Too many copywriters ignore this.

I make it a priority.

Before writing a single word…

I review your past promotions, emails, and content so that my writing matches your brand.

2. The copy MUST deliver a juicy ROI (i.e., leads or sales.)

The purpose of great copy is NOT to be poetic.

It’s to convince a prospect or customer to take action…

Whether it’s to sign up for your list, click the email link, or hit “BUY NOW.”

That’s why I always take these 3 steps:

  • Gobs of research. I spend countless hours researching your specific audience and market. Why? To guarantee we “speak their language” and address their biggest concerns & desires.
  • Showcase the uniqueness of your services so it stands apart from the competition. (Few buy unless they understand why you’re the better choice.)
  • Follow-up on every project to make sure it’s hitting the targets we planned.


Want To Know Me As A Human - And Not Just A Copywriter?

Daniel Lona

Hey, I'm flattered! Here are six quick facts:

  1. I'm an ethnic halfsie: 50% Mexican and 50% Jewish.
  2. I began lifting weights at 13 and I've never stopped. Pretty standard, right? My “iron love” for the past decade has been kettlebell training. For 8 years, I taught Strong First’s kettlebell methods to hundreds of clients.
  3. In a previous life, I practiced law for 2 years after graduating from The University of Chicago Law School. It didn't take.
  4. Despite my insatiable appetite for pizza, I’m a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach. There’s a daily tug-of-war between these two facts.
  5. Chicago has been my life-long home. I don’t have a Chicago accent, but everyone outside of the city thinks I do. They’re wrong, obviously.
  6. Music is my life when I’m not banging out sales pages. I own 1600+ records and play them on a crazy-good stereo. Most folks think I’m both cool and odd for this lifestyle. That is the correct view.

Ready to work with me? 

Hit the button below to discuss a possible project.

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