With a list of raving fans, you can...

Email your next promotion knowing it will be a hit!

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You busted your a$$ creating weeks or months of free content for your email list...

…only to find a frustratingly low percentage opened the email.

Worse still is when the number of folks who clicked to see your content is also below your expectations.

Those scenarios mean when it’s time to offer your newest promotion, your sales numbers will fall flat or, in some way, fail to hit your targets.

Whether it’s a video, podcast, or blog article – if enough people aren't opening your emails or viewing your content – you’ll never have an enthusiastic fan base ready to buy from you.

The reason is simple:

Creating helpful content for your email list is only half the equation.

If you want to harness the power of an email list that can deliver:

  • crazy online sales
  • overflowing classes, or
  • a flood of requests for consultations 

… you must also send compelling emails with attention-grabbing headlines and relevant, authentic copy that compels the subscriber to click through to your content.

The Power of Persuasive Emails

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For that, you need a copywriter who ensures the hard work you spent creating content for your subscribers will be seen, heard, or read.

I do this by giving you:

  • Click-worthy (but not clickbait!) headlines - which elevate your email open rate so that a higher percentage of your followers SEE your message.
  • Friendly, persuasive email copy - matches your brand voice and gets your readers eager to CLICK the link of your newest content pieces. This means you’ll boost the “Know, Like, & Trust” your followers have toward you.
  • Consistent email schedule - so that your followers see you as a professional dedicated to helping them.
  • Regular monitoring of your open and click-through rates  - ensures we see steady progress and set new targets as we go along.  
  • Auto-responder “nurture sequences” - Designed for new subscribers so that they quickly become excited about your business and its mission.
  • Sales funnels - as needed, I can craft this to garner as many purchases as possible for your latest offering.

If you’re ready to create a raving fan base that’s thrilled to open your emails and anxious to buy your next promotion, then...

Contact me about your project!
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