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The pain of having an online course, membership, or class that’s not selling well enough – or at all – is tough to swallow. 

Maybe you feel discouraged by the results you’ve achieved so far (“The numbers should be higher!”)

Or maybe you feel scared that all your hard work in creating the program or service has been for nothing.

Low online sales are NOT your fault.


Because creating a high-converting sales page requires a lot of skill and know-how. 

That’s something business owners have little time to learn or develop.

Nor should you have to.

You already labored enough in creating the course, monthly subscription, or classes for your members.

Solution: A Top-Notch Copywriter Who Understands Your Industry

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You deserve a copywriter who can boost the sales of your incredible product or program.

That said, not every copywriter is dedicated enough to build the type of page that will make a big impact on your business.  

Here are some highlights of how I go the extra mile to ensure you have an irresistible sales page:

  • Background Research On Your Ideal Prospects. I will take time researching your target market so that I know inside and out your prospects' needs and wants.
  • Fully Understand Your Brand & Authentic Voice. I will spend time learning about your business, its mission, and the voice you want to use for this project. 
  • Thorough Research on Your Product/Program. To sell it to maximum effect, I will become thoroughly familiar with what you’re offering. This includes its features & benefits, and what other customers have said about it.
  • Create a Unique Offer. We’ll learn what makes your product or program stand out from the rest and identify the Big Promise that only you can deliver to your prospects. (Don’t worry if you’re not clear on that, I can help!)
  • Irresistible Copy. Once I have completed all the background research and identified your unique offer, I'll write copy that hits the right emotional buttons of your prospects. It will also ethically move them toward understanding why you’re service is the perfect solution to their problems.
  • Deep Understanding of Your Industry & ClientsWith eight years as a fitness and nutrition business owner, I bring a deep understanding of your audience’s needs, desires, and frustrations. This will help me write more compelling copy than a copywriter who’s never worked in your industry.

What I Can Help You Sell:

If you’re wondering whether what you sell online is something I can help you with, here’s a list of items I can help you sell:

  • Online courses
  • Online subscriptions or memberships
  • Online fitness training programs
  • Online nutrition/health coaching programs
  • Studio classes and memberships
  • In-person personal training packages


If you’re ready to build a sales page that will spike your income, then...

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