Uncover how your site can attract more visitors & leads with a Website Audit.

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As a fitness business owner, it can be difficult to find the time to optimize your website for great search engine results.

Or to know where your site could be more persuasive to get visitors to take action within your business.


When that happens, the following scenarios are common: 

  • Your site can be low in the search results or not show up at all.
  • Visitors who come to your site are confused.
  • Website sales are low for your services or products.
  • Your lead magnet is failing to attract the number of subscribers you want.

Find out where your website falls short...and get a plan for success from a professional copywriter and web strategist.

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Sounds enticing, right?

But it's understandable if you are still unsure exactly what a website audit offers.

All told, it will reveal where and how you can: 

  • Improve your search engine rankings.
  • Attract more prospects through search results.
  • Keep visitors on your site when they arrive.
  • Guide visitors quickly to the solutions they want.
  • Convert more visitors into paying customers within your business.

All told, this site audit will save you weeks (even months) of time researching or testing these solutions on your own.

How the Website Audit process works

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Part I:  A detailed review of your website’s content, measuring it against the best web practices.

Your core web pages are evaluated against two checklists that gauge the following

1. A 43-Point Web Usability Checklist™

Here we determine how easy your site is to understand, read, and use.

2. The 5Cs Content Guide™

This guide determines how well your site’s messages delight visitors, persuade them to stay on your site and lead them toward action.

This guide also gauges how well your site uses the most relevant SEO keywords and sales copy to differentiate from your competitors.


Part II: Receive a detailed report of your website’s strengths and opportunities.

Your 15-20 page report, with screenshots, will cover:

  • What your site already does well.
  • What can be improved.
  • Your search engine rankings.
  • What’s displayed when your pages appear in search results.
  • How you compare with competitors in search results and the persuasiveness of your web copy – giving you clues on how to position your services & products as the best!


Part III: A customized web content strategy to spike search engine traffic and get new leads & sales.

We’ll set up a video conference to review the report and discuss the recommendations. This will help you improve your results across every page.

From there, you can decide how to best move forward with the strategies we uncovered.


Ready to discover how your website could generate more leads & revenue? 

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