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Dear Future Client,

If you’re interested in scheduling a chat to discuss a possible project…


First, three quick things to know:

1. You’ll get value from this call no matter what.

After learning more about your business needs, I’ll offer you a roadmap on what will yield the biggest impact for you. 

2. Most copywriting projects with me run between $1,500 and $6,000 (and up).

If at least the low end of that range is real for you right now, let's move forward with a call.

3. There's a $20, non-refundable deposit to book a call with me.

As a fellow business owner, I’m sure you can appreciate my time can only be spent with folks who are serious.

That said, you can use the $20 towards any copywriting project with me if it’s finalized with seven days of our appointment.

Sound good?

Click the button below so we can start filling up your bank account...


Have a question about my services? 

If you have a question first before booking a discovery call...

You can simply click the button below to ask me a question.

I'll happily respond to you within 2 business days.

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